True Gap Analysis™

Before you select the next opportunity to spend your B&P dollars, step forward (not back) and get an accurate picture of your organization’s capabilities. Conduct a true, quantified gap analysis to identify where you add value and where you need teaming partners.

Does your team know your ‘true capability relevancy’?
We believe that knowing your strengths and weaknesses allows you to harness opportunities and mitigate threats. That is the purpose of True Gap Analysis™. 
Today, when companies think of pursuing a lead, they have little quantified information to make an informed bid decision. Regardless of the number of ‘decision gates’ your process entails, the analysis remains subjective.
How many times have we heard “I think we’ve done this work before at ABC agency, so we should pursue this lead”? or “We’ve done similar, but slightly different work at XYZ agency, but we can write to it”?

Some people think” that this type of in-depth gap analysis would just result in a ’no-bid’ on almost every opportunity. Quite the contrary! Our objective is not to rain on the parade. What we want to do is arm you with true knowledge and a reality of where your organization’s capabilities are strong, and proactively mitigate any gaps. Before you war or ghost the competition, you need a true assessment of your own capabilities.