Proposal Library

With our proprietary VSL Intelligent Data Analytics engine driving the proposal database, traditional ‘shred and separate’ methods of building a proposal library are a thing of the past. No corporate-history needed to recollect which last proposal was relevant. VSL Proposal Library™ uses our intelligent data analytics to point your proposal team to the exact, relevant section of the top ten proposals where you can find relevant reuse material.

With the VSL Proposal Library, our tool intelligently searches through previous submitted proposal files and ranks the best fit sections for possible reuse. Don’t waste time reading through section after section of proposals ‘you think’ are relevant. Know exactly which proposal and which sections within that proposal are a match for reuse.

If you are using proposal tools that claim to find relevant sections, experience the difference. No need to get rid of your favorite proposal tools but once you use the VSL Proposal Library, you won’t go back!