Predictive Pipeline

Disrupt your thinking – with Predictive Pipeline™, we use our intelligent data analytics engine to fit leads into your capabilities. You are not wasting our time scouring 100s of leads wondering which one fits. With Predictive Pipeline™, we have turned the tables on how companies build their pipeline. The result – a healthy pipeline with high pWin leads right from the start and opportunities to focus capture efforts on customer analysis, marketing, and teaming.

Look beyond the obvious.
Turn the tables on finding the right leads to add to your pipeline faster, and with fewer resources. With Predictive Pipeline™, companies can pinpoint the recompetes and new programs with high pWin values.
The most common method of finding leads for companies today involves looking at the lead, reading the requirements, and trying to determine if you have the capability to perform and past performance to back you up.
What if we told you to start with your capabilities and past performance, and then choose the leads that fit you – not the other way around?