Partner Profile™

For Government contractors, teaming with
other contractors is a common practice. With VSL
Partner Profile™, our intelligent data analytics helps
you find the right teaming partner even before you
shake hands the first time. 

With Partner Profile™ we not only find you the right partner,
but validate their capabilities through their public-domain
performance track record. 
Getting the right teaming partners can be an arduous process and often hits stumbling blocks, often finding ‘true capabilities and past performances’ after the teaming agreements are already signed.
Teaming based on relationships can only go so far – eventually you need technical talent, technological innovation, and proven past performance. How often have you signed on a teaming partner because they claim to have past performance?
Conduct true capabilities and due diligence before you even meet the potential partner for the first time. Enter a teaming discussion with full confidence that you are at the table with a winning partner!