Welcome to Visualyser

For the last 20 years, we have been helping government contractors identify, prioritize and creating winning bids. We knew from experience that many executive have limited visibility to the current in-process bid pipeline and that more 70% of keyword driven opportunities never make it to proposal – even after significant time and resources were applied.

For many contractors, the RFP bidding process is completely dependent on individual domain expertise, relying on a few key individuals and lots of manual work. With growing concern over the pending retirement of many of these workers, we knew there must be a better way.

So we created Visualyser. A SaaS application that can automatically contextually shred and analyze RFPs, SOWs and change orders to objectively score “requirements-to-capabilities fit” based on past performance. It quantifies capabilities gaps, assesses potential partner fit, and reviews the final proposal to ensure match and eliminate plagiarism. Helping users win more bids at a lower cost.

So stop wasting valuable time and resources on bids you can’t win.

Eliminate your risks from the pending loss of key employees.

Find better partners and win more bids.

Contact us today to make your RFP response process a competitive advantage.